Compare Between Linux and Windows? Which is Good?

Compare Between Window and Linux
Compare Between Window and Linux

Compare Between Window and Linux

The reasons apply roughly equally to either server or desktop, though.

  • Windows always get in my way, asking me things like “Are you sure you want to do this?” Yes, I’m sure.
  • Windows has an unintuitive, clunky interface. Oh? What’s that? Do you think it is intuitive? Well, that’s only because you’ve been using Windows for a while and are *used to the interface*.
  • Windows command-line is junk. Windows shells are junk. (Note: this may be less true anymore with the advent of Powershell but Windows CLI has basically always been fundamentally broken, IMO)
  • Related to the last item, Windows requires a GUI to do *anything*. Windows administration? Clicky clicky clicky. Settings? Click. This is great for some things, especially admins new to a particular task, but when advanced options are buried deep down in unintuitive menu trees, it sucks. Plus, GUI is *slow*.
  • Windows costs money for *everything*. (I’m not talking about 3rd-party free or open-source stuff that runs on Windows. I’m talking about the Microsoft ecosystem).
  • Related to the previous item: Licensing. UGH. The. Worst. Once you realize how easy it is to install important software — web servers, DNS servers, Mail servers, desktop utilities, programming languages, compilers, etc. — on a Linux distro, you will start to hate with a passion the overhead that managing licenses and costs related to licensing entails. If I’m licensing a specific-use-case, proprietary server like IBM Websphere MQ or Oracle database server, then sure, license management and costs related to that, I can live with. But the licensing around the Windows platform itself is *awful*.
  • Related to the previous two: Buying OS licenses and Windows to download. Have you ever tried to do this? I did this, last year. It is terribly — confusing web pages with links that don’t work as expected and licensing questions that are hard to answer. Do I buy it from this site or that site? Windows Pro or Home? Why does it cost $X here and $Y there? etc. Fuck that.
  • Windows has become an elaborate crapware/adware platform. This is one of the worst problems: the start menu in Win10, for example. Half of the tiles, it seems, are devoted to advertising of some kind. Xbox. Movies. Games. Other Microsoft products. etc. MS is allowed to do this, I really don’t have any problem with them *doing* this. But I don’t want it on any corporate desktops I manage. I don’t want it on my home desktop. I suppose it can probably be removed, and maybe the tiles can be reconfigured? I really have no idea, since my solution is to just not use Windows.

What does Windows have that Linux doesn’t? A couple of things

  • Corporate Identity management coupled with Device Management. No other OS ecosystem does this as well, period.
  • MS Office
  • Games. You can play games on Linux, sure, but Windows is way ahead in this area. WAY ahead.

Why do I prefer Linux?

  • All those items, above, but reversed.
  • Customizability. There is nothing so customizable as a Linux box. To a fault, really.
  • CLI. There isn’t one shell, or two, there are literally dozens of CLI shells one can use, and dozens of terminal window apps one can use.
  • Very, very, VERY easy to install the software. People coming from Windows who use Linux for the first time may think it is hard, but once you learn the few simple commands, or how to navigate the “app store” interface provided by most distros, you will see how much easier it is on Linux v Windows.

Hm, this was mostly a diatribe against Windows. I don’t really hate Windows so passionately. It is a tool like any other. I don’t hate Black and Decker hammers vs a Craftsman hammer. I may have reasons for preferring one brand over another, but ultimately, they are both hammers.

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