What is the Deep web? How to Access the Deep Web? It’s Good or Not?

Deep Web
Deep Web

You are in deep web login with Google

Tada! You are on the deep web or hidden web.

Go to your bank’s web site. Please login with your password. View your account balance.

Presto! You are on the deep web.

The deep web is not just all of the web that is indexed by search engines. Is your Facebook profile private? Then it is the deep web. Do you have a blog? Your blog’s dashboard is dark web.

It seems that you are confusing the deep web and the dark web. Many people do. Some answers to this question give that mistake. Do not listen to anyone who confuses the two; They are speaking from a place of superstition, not from knowledge.

The Dark Web is a web-like network that requires specialized software such as TOR or I2P to access.

Yes, people sometimes place illegal content on the dark web. So what? People sometimes place illegal content on the regular web as well. n the dark web. So what? People sometimes put illegal content on the regular web, too.

Should you be full of superstition that the Dark Web is a scary place full of danger and fear? Hahaha no, It is not a reality, but the story of a BB film.

Deep Web

Dark Web Fact ???

1. Do you know that the visible part of the Internet that we all access every day makes up only 4% of the total World Wide Web? Have you ever tried to imagine what the rest of it has?

2: The Dark Web is a huge market for criminals and is said to generate at least $ 500,000 per day.

3: A 2001 study by the University of California showed that the Dark Web contained 7.5 petabytes (7,500 gigabytes) of information. In two years, the number increased to 91,850 petabytes.

4: It should be no surprise that a place called the Dark Web would be full of scams. In one case, however, people kept falling for an elaborate scam to hire a hitman. A website known as Besa Mafia claims to offer Hitman services, but only needs large sums of money.

5: While the size of the Surface Web is sufficient, it is less than the size of the Deep Web and Dark Web. Some people estimate that the Deep Web is about 400 to 500 times larger.

6: PINK METH This is a website that operates in the Deep Web, where users can upload nude photos of their ex-girlfriends, which will ultimately lead to harassment of the person in the photo

7: “Child Pornography” is a sniffing film of a little girl who is sexually abused and tortured. The video was widely distributed among pedophiles on the wide web and the large internet community gained a foothold on popular websites such as 4Chan and Reddit.

8: “Live Torture Stream” Some people stumble upon a live stream where a girl was sitting in a chair and ordered people from the chat window to tell her what kind of abuse she should be doing herself.

9: “The Human Experiment” They conduct experiments such as injecting a pregnant woman with bleach, starvation, radiation exposure, and even sterilization.

10: Cicada 3301 This is a group that hosts an annual, Internet-based puzzle that includes mystery telephone numbers, voice messages, and GPS coordinates.

Dark Web

In addition, these are organizational websites, which can only be accessed on the front-end. What you can’t find, or an uninstalled portion of it, includes personnel records, government-resources, your social insurance number, tax information, and other necessary data that anyone can use to search Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever You can just “see” the engine you can use.

Such a piece of essential information is always protected and hidden for privacy reasons.

An often worrying part of the Internet comes in the form of the Dark Web, which is similar to its name, remains dark and anonymous for the most part. However, it is well known that anything shady can be found on the Dark Web, such as drugs, weapons, child pornography, for murderers and murderers, terrorist recruitment forums, websites, etc.

Surface web

When you use search engines like Google, Bing, etc., you are only accessing a minute part of the Surface Web amidst the vast universe of networks. In other words, the surface web represents only one end of a large iceberg.

Imagine a huge iceberg. As you know, a large part of this ice structure is submerged, while a small part, less than 10%, appears to float on the surface.

Sites of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc. are commonly seen at the tip of this iceberg.

Deep Web Lock

What is the Surface Web?

The surface web also has other popular names like indexed web or the Visible Web.

All visitors can join the surface web which represents only 0.03% of the web. The most popular employed domains are: .com, .net, .org, etc.

Furthermore, the surface web is full of web pages open to the public through a remote server for everyone access.

Generally, in this zone, you will be traced in one way or another, which means anonymity does not come by default and you must make use of a VPN to hide your identity.

Otherwise, you will be tracked on social media websites, e-Commerce buying like Amazon, visiting Wikipedia or other websites, for example.

You will be prompted with a message asking you to accept cookies to store information. You can block them but it hampers the site performance.

Now, the rest of the mass of ice that is submerged corresponds to Deep Web and Dark Web.

Deep Web

The term was coined back in 2001 by Michael K Bergman. The deep web is mainly used by organizations and giant corporations that are not readily accessible to the common public operating on the Surface Web.

This is the area where financial records, legal documents, scientific reports, medical records, academic information, and other government resources are stored in a highly protected environment.

With more than 7.5 terabytes of data, this dark space contains between 70% to 75% of pages not indexed on regular browsers, which means it may contain more than one trillion web pages out of the most varied sources and languages.

These pages are classified as:

  • Dynamic
  • Isolated content
  • Private Web
  • Contextual Web
  • Limited content access
  • Scripts content
  • Contents that are not HTML/text

In a more technical sense, these pages do not exist to the public. These remain restricted to the normal public and require proper authorization. Any attempt at hacking into corporate servers to access these confidential records involves serious penalties amounting to life imprisonment.

Dark Web

The dark web exists only on darknets that require particular software, configurations or authorization to access whatever lies ahead. You won’t find these websites by a simple Google search. This network consists of both peer-to-peer and other well-known networks like Tor, Freenet, I2P, etc.

Sometimes, the Dark Web is confused with Deep Web, which goes back to 2009.

According to studies, the deeper submerged part of the iceberg represents a size of 400 to 500 times larger than the Surface Web. The Dark Web is also named Dark Net, Hidden Web, Invisible Web, etc.

This name is worth its fame! The visitors have more chances to find many unwanted and malicious things here than at any other place.

It composes of a major part of the web network and other content not enlisted or cannot be accessed through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines and browsers.

Although this massive portion of the Dark Web may contain potential information for government authorities, it is not registered on a regular browser database.

Going by the list of things found here (indicated above), one can imagine how tedious it becomes to access a website from the Dark Web. It contains files, which are the hardest to find elsewhere and they can only be accessed directly from the official website source.

Most of the found database is only accessed through specifically required tools because the URLs have a set of numbers and letters followed by the “.onion” domain.

Thus, becoming completely invisible and not reachable through commonly used browsers.

Furthermore, the specific tool used to access these web pages protects the visitor ID, while assuring complete anonymity.

What does Dark Web consist of?

It is a dark side of the Internet where anonymity, encryption, and privacy are easily penetrated and also, polemics, bizarre, atrocities and criminal acts take place over here.

Secret net is in the Dark Web also, you can access any website, which is forbidden and impossible to reach through conventional browsers.

The use of the Dark Web is varied and typically monitored by government authorities such as the FBI, military or journalists. But this space is known for illegal activities.

This dark world gathers illegal trades, drug market, hiring assassins, buying illegal guns and ammunition, human and organ trafficking, child pornography, these are a few out of the many items found in this zone.

Mariana’s Trench honored the name for a division of Dark Web – Marina’s Web

Due to the fact that the Dark Web is a massive place, it is generally classified and pictured as a space with imaginary divisions. Just like in the depths of Earth’s crust that divides the Equator (The Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn).

Mariana Web is one of the deepest layers were the most dangerous lies. Users may find terrorist recruitment websites and forums of unimaginable subjects, for example.

The deeper you go, the harder it becomes to navigate. That’s the reason for calling it Mariana’s Web. It supposedly represents the ugliest side of the virtual world. The name was inspired by the darkest point in the world’s oceans, named Mariana’s Trench.

What does Mariana’s Web consist of?

Mariana’s Web contains the biggest secrets of the internet. This space holds a lot of myths and it is the most dangerous and difficult side to reach on the Dark Web.

Most users prefer not to take this risk to not wind up bumping into something shocking and deplorable. The pages found on the Dark Web can be highly damaging to your computer since they contain unknown for viruses, not to mention a hacking intrusion to your network even without your knowledge.

Note that the information about Mariana’s Web is part of the Dark Web terminology but there is no concrete answer that proves its existence. All that is known about it is based on reports from experienced Dark Web users and specialized forums.

Dark Web parallel to Bitcoin

Dark Web is the most anonymous place a user can try, inclusive of making online payments. That is why, this vast world created an association with Bitcoin- the virtual currency that allows people to conduct financial transactions anonymously.

It is widely utilized on the invisible Internet for numerous kinds of trades from the black market to receive or make payments for various services. In recent times, Bitcoin has built a poor reputation because of its application that is often paralleled to drugs and guns, among many other illegal activities.

Is surfing on the Dark Web illegal?

The Internet is also known as free land. Most people judge that surfing on the Dark Web is illegal.

In fact, most users prefer them, because of the privacy provided on the invisible internet. Although the Dark Web is not a secret, it is not entirely corrupt, since at times you may stumble into something useful. But generally, it is not advised to access it.

There are sites that serve to report cases of anonymous usage and private complaints, domestic abuse, and violence, government oppression, among other segments. It is also used by governments for covert FBI operations.

Unfortunately, the scam is everywhere when it comes to the virtual universe, especially in this dark side. They use their best features (privacy and anonymity) to lead several illegal activities which you should avoid facing.

How to access the Dark Web?

As stated before, the Dark Web is not reachable by using common methods of search. You may require some technical knowledge and tricks to learn a few things before starting to navigate.

To access the dark side of the web, you need to download a browser called Tor. It is an open-source project that allows users to browse the Dark Web anonymously.

Within the Tor, communication takes place through routers that are connected to the rest of the world, which are also running on Tor.

In this system, the smart tool will keep your IP and geolocalization hidden but it does not restrict your access to the Surface Web at the same time. Tor will keep you anonymous at all times. Using the TOR browser along with a good VPN software will provide you complete anonymity.

If you need to host a website, you will need an I2P beta software which is a project that renders encryption.

It will allow software applications to send and receive messages, keep blogs, share files on completely confidential virtual environments with this intriguing open-source software.

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