What is Computer Virus? how you can prevent from virus

Hey There everyone i hope you are doing well. So today we will talk about what is a virus. I think so most of you heard about that in my computer virus will come and blab blab.so today i will clear up all the things that are related to the virus.

The virus is computer software that interferes with system software.in simple language a virus is a software that does interference to the system software.lets suppose you have one windows machine because most viruses are made for Windows machines.so you have a windows machine and you are downloading software from the internet so when you download the software you don’t notice this thing that with downloading another file named virus.exe also downloads and after downloading the application is automatically started.so when you run the application the virus will interfere with your application and get out of the application. so you can say that virus is also software but i do interfere with other software so that why it is called a virus otherwise it is also software.

one grate fact that you don’t know about viruses is that the virus is made or mostly make by an antivirus company. i know most have a question that why an antivirus company makes the virus. because antivirus company works it to remove the virus but my friend you are wrong because in the market there is no virus so who should purchase antivirus. this is a business strategy.

Now you all know what is virus and antivirus.now let’s talk about how you can prevent the virus by using antivirus.

  1. If you want to be away from the virus is that don’t use the internet because mostly virus comes from the internet or external hard disk or external hard drive. so one solution is that is doesn’t use the internet as well as don’t use any external hard disk but it is not a good soulation.you say that it is not a permanent solution.so the next solution is that is be when you downloading something from internet you have to be active or be aware that what you downloading.it is not like that why you are downloading internet explorer and you have to download something else and you are not able to recognize it so it is good practice always be active when you are downloading from internet.
  2. when connecting external hard disk always does scan first and after that connect(if are in windows).
  3. always remove suspicious file .lets suppose that you have a file inside that file you have something other name file and you don’t expect to have these files how they should come you don’t have any idea so in this case, it is good to remove all the spouse file.
  4. if you have a little budget then you can purchase an anti-virus. otherwise, you can also download free antivirus
  5. if you know how to use Linux then it is a good thing because in Linux there is not much virus because creating a virus of Linux is not so easy to compare to windows and mac.
  6. when you are not using the internet then you can of you wifi this will prevent you from auto-downloading by other software.
  7. always keep off your wifi and Bluetooth when you are not using these
  8. don’t visit dangerous websites and porn websites because antivirus company runs there virus at these websites.
  9. don’t believe anyone. don’t give full permission to random apps some time a calendar app ask about location and connection permission but in reality, there is no need for this kind of apps to this permission
  10. keep connected with technology by keep reading our blogs.

so that it for today i hope you like our connect if you like please read my other article 

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