Why My computer is slow? Computer running slow

slow image that show how your computer is slow

Hey There everyone i hope you are doing well. So today we will talking about why your computer is running slow what are some reasons why your computer is slow. Most of this kind of problem is for windows user because mostly windows user is primary users that don’t know much about difficult things so that why they install any application, they don’t give much attention to the application. That is why you see that mostly this problem come to windows user.

So In today’s blog, i give an idea that what kind of thing you have to keep in your mind when you are using your computer.

There could be several different things going on. Start with being sure there is no virus activity. Do a Google search for the FREE version of Malwarebytes. Download & install & run it. If for some reason it won’t download, install, or run… you have virus infection. Open a “run” dialog box and type in “msconfig” (without the “ marks). That open a window with some stuff in it. Go to the second tab…under the second tab be a place for you to click on “safe mode” and a second place for you to click on “with networking”. Then reboot the computer and it come up in Safe Mode. Malwarebytes L install and run in Safe Mode… guaranteed. Have Malwarebytes remove EVERYTHING it finds. Reboot the computer. It will, again, come up into Safe Mode. Go back into the “run” command and again type in “msconfig” and remove the check marks that you had put in earlier. Now, with those check marks removed, your computer boot up into regular Windows mode. When you’ve rebooted back into regular Windows mode, run Malwarebytes again…just to be sure that you have removed all of any virus and PUPS.

How to prevent temperly ? 

Let say you have urgent work and you want to do this work first you don’t want to waste your time to find what happens why your computer is slow. so i l tell you 5 thing that you can do immediately when your computer is going slow

  1. Reboot: On the first number, you have options that you can reboot your machine. By rebooting your machine what happens is that if you are running a background that is consuming a high amount of ram of power they automatically stop. Or if you are using your computer for a long time, then you should have to give a break that is running the application.
  2. Background: See What is running in your background: if you think that you are using lots of application then you should have to check that what is running in your background and then you have to see that which application is consuming much amount of resource. if you want to see that what is running is your windows then have a look at the picture 
  3. Space: If you think that your window is out of space, then you have to look at space and have to free some space. Something for not having enough space in disk your computer is can run slow for that i suggest you that if you hard disk capacity is 500 GB then you have at least 50 GB of space free and if your hard is 1 TB, then you have at least 100 GB of space free.
  4. Virus: I think most of you know what is a virus if you don’t know what is virus then you have to read from here. So now let’s talk about the virus in the computer if you think that if your computer has a virus, then you have to scan very quickly because the virus is that thing that can slow your computer so i suggest if you cannot afford costly antivirus, then you have to download some free antivirus.
  5. Update windows: Something your computer runs because of windows update if you think that your windows are not updated for a long time, then you have to update your windows because by updating your windows you get lots of security updated and some outdated software update.
  6. Update your 3rd party software or driver: if you are having this problem with some software or one software, then you have to update the software or driver because something many applications get stuck for running a long time. So it is a good idea to check that you have available any update for your external software.
  7. Harmful, correct files: some time for using external hard disk or using the internet, you get some correct files that get the problem for running other software, so that is why you have to check correct files.
  8. Upgrade in hardware: if all the above points were not working on your computer, then i would like to suggest a couple of the thing.you have to upgrade your Ram or Harddisk by upgrading your resource. You don’t face any problem.
  9. if you particular using windows 10 then i would like to suggest you one trick the trick is that you have to go to the search bar and search for performance and go-to performance Monitor as you can see in the picture and then select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows then On the Visual Effects tab, click ‘Adjust for best performance’ and then ‘Apply.’ This disable all unnecessary visual features and stop them from slowing down your Windows 10 PC.
  10. if you are using an old computer with an old processor and you are running some top application then consuming a high amount of resource then you have to upgrade your 

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