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In today’s growing technology, in just at the touch of a button, there are thousands of assessments and quizzes that can help you understand yourself as a person, from helping you understand why you do the things you do, to what type of person you are. For this project, I completed seven assessments based off of personality, relationships, and sexuality, and got some surprising results, and not so surprising.
The first quiz I took was the Interpersonal Communications Skills Test. This was an assessment that scaled you on how well you communicate with others, in your personal life, and also your work life. It also mounted you on how well you can tell a story and get your point across without difficulty. According to my results, I scored a pretty average overall, which was pretty surprising. I honestly thought I was going to scale very low. I am mostly an introvert, so most of the time, I stick to myself. When it’s time for me to speak to another person, or someone new, I become incredibly uncomfortable and tend to get pretty awkward, I forget what I’m talking about, and it is hard for e to finish what I am saying. Though, when I am at work, I do try my hardest to communicate with others because I think it’s essential to have robust interpersonal communication skills. I think it’s the backbone for your overall wellbeing of a day to day life.

who you are

The second quiz I decided to do was the Energy Vampire Quiz. This assessment helped determine whether or not an energy vampire was draining you. An energy vampire is a person that is emotionally immature and believes the world revolves around themselves. Of course, my results came out as toxic. I’m not surprised. Recently I got out of a and extremely toxic relationship, which I still keep this person in my life. Because of my behaviors of not being able to let go and keeping this person in my life, is the reason why these results are factual.
Next, I completed the Quick Compassion Love Quiz. This quiz assessed how compassionate I feel in my relationship, and if love is likely. My results showed that I am very kind, and I am inclined to find love. These results, I felt were pretty accurate and not surprising at all, because in general, I’m a very compassionate person, with friends, family, and goals. When it comes to my partner, I almost always put my significant other before myself. I do things that make him happy. When it comes to compassion, I believe its one of the greatest things to have; it helps me be considerate and makes doing things for others’ enjoyment.
The next quiz I took was the Self-Esteem Test. the results indicated that I have a reasonably high level of self-esteem, but there is room for some improvement. This did not surprise me at all. At times I have the highest self-esteem a girl could wish for, then other times I don’t. My self-esteem is like an unstable roller coaster. Self-confidence is one of the best things you can have to keep you healthy, from loving yourself, from caring for yourself, and keeping yourself proud and pushing you to keep going. I need to practice on building my self-esteem.
The fifth quiz I took was, How Deep Is Your Love. This assessment is to determine how passionate you feel about your current relationship. Surprisingly enough, I scored pretty high. I know how I think, but most of the time, I keep it tightly bottled up. I’m very passionate about my significant other, but I’m a timid person, so I feel he does not think I think the way I do. Though, I do find the quiz to be very accurate because I do pour my heart and soul into everything I do for him.

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